Finnish Pancake

As I’ve mentioned before, American style pancakes aren’t usually eaten here in Finland. We prefer crepes if we fry them on pan. We do have a dessert called pancake, but it’s baked in the oven. I have made a lacto-ovo pancake over ten years ago and recently I wanted to try to make vegan pancake recipe. After a little experimenting I succeeded to create this recipe. Yesterday we had some pancake with bilberry jam for dessert.

Finnish Pancake

5 dl soy milk
1,5 dl barley flour
1,5 dl wheat flour
1 tsp cardamom
scant 0,5 tsp cinnamon
3 tbsp oil
2 tbsp sugar
pinch of salt
margarine for greasing the dish
jam for serving

Whisk soy milk and both flour together and let sit 15-30 minutes. Add rest of the ingredients and whisk until mixed. Grease a 20 x 30 cm dish with margarine. Pour the pancake batter in it. Bake about 40 minutes in 200 Celsius degrees or until nicely browned. Serve with jam.


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