Home made beer (kalja or kotikalja) is made of rye malts and it’s very low on alcohol. It’s usually consumed with dinner or lunch, and often served at special occasions like weddings or other parties. It’s easy to make, I think I should make it more often. I make the beer in a 5 liter bucket, and the recipe on the malt package is too big for my bucket, but here’s a recipe for a smaller batch.

Home Made Beer

3,75 l water
2,25 dl beer malts
1,5 dl sugar
0,5 tsp yeast or 0,25 tsp dry yeast

Bring the water to boil. Mix malts and sugar in a bucket and pour the boiling water on them. Allow to cool lukewarm. Add the yeast and loosely cover the bucket with lid (or towel). Allow to ferment 12-24 hours in room temperature. Filter (with cheesecloth) and bottle and take the bottles to fridge or cellar. Beer is ready next day.

When your beer is filtered, you’ll have about 5 dl malt mash in your sieve. Use it for bread baking, or freeze for later use.