A Day Trip to Tallinn

Yesterday I went to Tallinn to buy cheap booze. The boat arrived to Tallinn at 11 and 11.30 I had already bought all the booze I needed. I still had five hours before the ship left back to Helsinki. The weather was nice, and I decided to walk to old town. I just walked around, checked several shops, climbed to Toompea-hill.

Few hours later I thought it would be time to find something to eat before heading back to harbour. Most of the restaurants in Tallinn (or at least old town) don’t serve any vegetarian dishes, or the only vegetarian option is something like feta salad. I saw a Tex-Mex restaurant, which had some vegetarian options, and they had even marked them on the menu. I didn’t go inside, but was sure that I’d go back and ask if they had anything vegan if I couldn’t find a better restaurant. A little later I found an Asian restaurant Bollywood. They had a lot of meat free dishes on the menu, so I decided to go in. There were several vegetable dishes that sounded like vegan, and others that were in creamy sauce. I asked the waitress if Tofu and Exotic Vegetables was dairy free, and she told me it was. Here’s what I got:

And I also got a bowl of rice. I suppose the exotic part of the dish was bamboo shoots, since button mushrooms or broccoli don’t seem so exotic. I expected the sauce would have been more garlicy, but it was tasty anyway. I enjoyed the combination of soft tofu, meaty shitake mushrooms and crunchy onions. I wasn’t super hungry and the portion looked quite big when I got it, but I ate everything, even all the rice.

With a full stomach I walked back to the harbour. The restaurants on the boat suck, so on my way to harbour I bought some trail mix, bread, potato chips and soda to have something to eat before I getting back home.