Restaurant Day: Funny Bunny

Local Animalia group had a vegan pop-up restaurant on today’s Restaurant Day.  They had burgers, lasagne, pita falafel, pumpkin soup, pasties, pancake, bilberry pie and other desserts. We don’t have a vegan or even vegetarian restaurant in our town, so visiting this pop-up restaurant was a must.

For starters we had pasties. I took a lanttusupikas (a turnover with rye crust and rutabaga filling) and Nomad had a Karelian barley pie with toppings. Both were yummy. We got our main courses very quickly, right after we had finished our starters. We both had Pita Falafel. They had made the falafel themselves, and damn it was tasty. So much better than a bland frozen falafel you get in most restaurants here in Finland. There were also tomatoes, lettuce, zesty cabbage salad and garlic dressing.


We skipped the desserts, because we don’t like them so much. But I bet the ones with a sweet tooth enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed our savoury dishes.

Thank you Funny Bunny restaurant, see you next Restaurant Day!