Pea Soup Thursday

This is it. One of the oldest “Finnish” soups to survive to modern day. Originating from the middle-ages, this very filling soup was consumed traditionally on Thursdays, as catholic tradition dictated Friday as a day of fasting. The pea soup followed Sweden (and in turn, most inhabited parts of Finland) into Thirty Years’ War of 1618–1648 and those recruited soldiers from areas not yet familiar with the dish were introduced to its deliciousness. It takes some time to prepare, but it is so filling it’s definitely worth the wait! The usual dessert after pea soup is pancake or crepes. We’ll write more about that tomorrow.

By no means is this an original recipe from the 12th century, but a bit modernised one.

Pea Soup

250 g dried peas
water for soaking

1,3 l water
1 tsp marjoram
scant 1 tsp whole pepper corns

optional ingredients: onion, carrot, seitan, textured soy protein

mustard for serving

Soak the peas in plenty of water overnight. Drain and rinse. Bring 1,3 l water to boil and add the peas. Slowly boil (1-)2 hours. Add carrots, onion or other optional ingredients when the peas have been boiling half an hour. Also add pepper corns and marjoram. When the soup is almost ready, season with salt. You should never add salt in the beginning of boiling any legumes, because the salt makes the cooking time longer. Serve with mustard (and chopped onion).


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