Being A Vegan in Prague

I spent four weeks in Prague as an exchange student and now I’m back in Finland. We had a kitchen in our apartment, so I could make myself vegan dinner every day if I wanted to. Fresh vegetables and fruits were cheap, so I ate lots of salads. This one is made of lettuce, radishes, beans, cucumber and bell pepper.

Of course I had to try veg(eteri)an restaurants of Prague. I have already blogged about Radost FX cafe. They serve brunch on weekends, it’s mostly omelets and pancakes and couple of dish even have fish in them. 4 dishes were listed “vegan”, but one of them had honey in it, so only 3 were really vegan. I had scrambled tofu, which was very good. Potatoes on the right were awesome, sesame dressing was nice and so was the salad. I didn’t like the bread, because it tasted like caraway seeds. Caraway seeds are good in some foods, but I can’t understand why people put them in bread. Portions were big, I don’t think any of us managed to finish their plates.

Our teacher took us to Gopal. It’s lacto-vegetarian and the menu changes daily, so I recommend checking the menu on the website before going there. Only the dessert had dairy in it when we were there, and since I’m not a big fan of desserts, I was completely satisfied with the food. The food is about 6 € and you can ask for more food as many times as you want.

I went to Country Life on a lunch break one day. It’s a buffet style vegan restaurant: first you fill your plate with things you want to eat and then it’s weighted and then you pay. Food was OK, nothing special, but I don’t have a reason to complain either. The salad bar was better than the hot foods. Next to the restaurant is a shop that sells all kinds of vegetarian foods like tofu, soy yogurt etc. that are hard to find from regular super markets. The shop isn’t vegan, they also sell dairy products.

Near the Charles Bridge is Lehka Hlava, which means clear head. The place is small, so reservation will be a good idea. I was alone, so I didn’t have to wait long for the table. Some of the dishes were already vegan and some of them can be made vegan on request. I had bulgur-tempeh-risotto, which was served with small side salad and sundried tomato and peanut pesto. The food was tasty, but small tempeh cubes would have been nice. I strongly recommend eating there. The picture isn’t as good as the food was, it was very hard to take photos because of lack of light.

Last restaurant I ate at was Loving hut. Their website seems to be down, so I’m not linking. It’s an international chain of vegan restaurants, and there’s three of them in Prague. The one I tried is on top floor of Novy Smichov shopping center. Nearly all foods have tofu or fake meat in them, which in my opinion was nice. I had Tofu na kari (tofu and curry) and I started eating before taking pictures. Oops. The tofu was wrapped in seaweed, I think I’ll try that at home too. The food was cheap, filling and it tasted good. I’ll definitely go there if I ever visit Prague again.