Waldorf Salad

Apple harvest in Finland is great this year, and many people have more apples than they can eat.

Apple pie and jam are of course delicious, but if you’re already getting bored of them, try this salad. Celery, walnuts and raisins are combined with apples and the salad is finished with vegan mayo dressing. Yum!


Waldorf Salad

6 celery stalks
3 apples (4-5 if they’re small)
2 dl raisins
3 dl walnuts (about 100g)

1 dl vegan mayo
2 dl plain soy yogurt
2 tsp mustard
2 tbsp lemon juice
pinch of salt and pepper

Slice or dice the celery, save some leaves for garnishing. Dice the apples. You should have approximately same amount of celery and apples. Coarsely chop the walnuts. Mix all the salad ingredients in a bowl. Mix the dressing ingredients in another bowl and combine with the salad. Garnish the salad with celery leaves. Preferably refrigerate a while before serving.

Vegan Tallinn

The summer is very hot and nice, and it was finally time to take a couple of days off from work. A good way to celebrate that is to go on a daytrip somewhere, and we opted to travel to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. We left very early in the morning and came back late night, so it was very essential for us to find something to eat.

After some shopping, we first headed to African Kitchen (homepage) which we already knew to be a nice, cheap and fast place for a quick bite. Vegan/vegetarian friendly too. I had some african fried rice with soya (the portion was bigger than I expected, so much for a quick bite!) and while madame Tofuhead entertained herself with some fresh orange salad. Both were very nice, affordable and helped us to survive many hours in the blazing heat outside.




After some more hours of shopping, enjoying local craft beers and wandering around, we decided to test our luck with Vegan Restoran V (homepage, Facebook). We had heard before the place is very popular (how awesome is that for a vegan restaurant, eh!) and it might be a bit hard to get a table without a prior reservation, but luck was on our side this time… Popped in, asked if it’s possible to get a table for two for an hour or so (before we had to head back to harbour to catch out boat), and ta-dah – a table we got. Pretty much all the tables were reserved for early evening, so if you’re planning a visit there on a tight schedule, do place a reservation ahead.

It’s a rather small restaurant, nicely low-key decorated with a great atmosphere. The waiters are very friendly and overall the service was top class. Being the burger enthusiast I am, I had no chance but to order a chickpea burger, while Tofuhead had some stuffed zucchini with a tofu broccoli salad. The burger was great, the chickpea patty had a very nice texture and fit in nicely with a slice of tomato, some mayonnaise, onion and everything else stuffed in the burger. And it was very big! Served with some baked veggies on the side, I have no chance but to give it 5 stars out of 5, possibly the best veggie burger I’ve had so far!


Zucchini slices had a lentil and tomato filling and they were served with fried tofu slices and broccoli. A hint of orange gave nice freshness for the tahini sauce. There were also a few hot pepper slices on the plate, enough to bring some extra spiciness to the dish, but not too many, since dish wasn’t supposed to be hot.


PS. Sorry for the potato quality pictures, they were taken with a cellphone camera.


Vegan Pizza Day

Since today is Vegan Pizza Day, we had pizza for dinner. Home made crust and tomato sauce, and tofu, olives, fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, onions, artichokes, seitan and bell pepper on top. Om nom nom.


Restaurant Day: Funny Bunny

Local Animalia group had a vegan pop-up restaurant on today’s Restaurant Day.  They had burgers, lasagne, pita falafel, pumpkin soup, pasties, pancake, bilberry pie and other desserts. We don’t have a vegan or even vegetarian restaurant in our town, so visiting this pop-up restaurant was a must.

For starters we had pasties. I took a lanttusupikas (a turnover with rye crust and rutabaga filling) and Nomad had a Karelian barley pie with toppings. Both were yummy. We got our main courses very quickly, right after we had finished our starters. We both had Pita Falafel. They had made the falafel themselves, and damn it was tasty. So much better than a bland frozen falafel you get in most restaurants here in Finland. There were also tomatoes, lettuce, zesty cabbage salad and garlic dressing.


We skipped the desserts, because we don’t like them so much. But I bet the ones with a sweet tooth enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed our savoury dishes.

Thank you Funny Bunny restaurant, see you next Restaurant Day!

New look for the blog!

Nothing special here, just decided to finally change the appearance of the blog. The old theme was only supposed to be a temporary one to get the blog rolling, but suddenly years had passed and the whole visual look was more and more dated…

Of course there’s only so much you can do with the free themes of WordPress.com, but hopefully this new one is a bit more pleasing (and most importantly, less depressingly dark!) than the old one.


The End of the VeganMoFo 2013

This is the last day of VeganMoFo 2013. The month sure passed quickly, and we managed to blog something every day. As you know, we had chosen a region for each week and every day we cooked something from that area. Here’s a map (via Wikimedia Commons) about our virtual culinary travels (click to enlarge):

ColoredBlankMap-World-10EWeek 1 is blue, week 2 is pink (the location of Mari El Republic is estimated), week 3 is green and week 4 is red.

Each week we found something we’ll definitely make again. Some of our new favourites are Jerk seitan, Pumpkin pie of Mari El, Pörkölt, Maqloobeh and Armenian lentil soup. If you try our recipes, please let us know. We’d like to hear how you liked them.

My favourite thing in this mofo has been http://www.randomofo.com. It’s a site that shows you a random blog of a fellow mofoer. Without it I wouldn’t have seen as many great blogs as I did. I don’t know if it will work after this month, so check it quickly!

Macaroni Pie

Macaroni pie is a cheesy macaroni casserole that is eaten everywhere in Barbados. Vegan version is easy to make with nutritional yeast. A common way to make it is use long pasta tubs and break them into smaller pieces, but elbow macaroni or other pasta is fine too.

Quite possibly every western culture has their own version of mac pie, like Mac’n’cheese, “Kraft food” (we were told Canadians know it by the name of the most famous manufacturer), even Finnish makaronilaatikko belongs to the same family. The barbadian version naturally has mustard and chili peppers in it.


Macaroni Pie

250 g macaroni (long tubs broken in smaller pieces)
water, salt

4 dl oat or soy milk
3 tbsp wheat flour
3 tbsp nutritional yeast
0,5 dl oil
2 tsp Dijon mustard
1 heaping tbsp ketchup
0,5-1 tsp cayenne
salt, white pepper

optional toppings:
bread crumbs
melting vegan cheese

Boil the macaroni according to instructions on the package and drain. Grease a dish and spread the cooked macaroni in it.

Make the sauce: Whisk all the sauce ingredients together in a saucepan. Heat on medium (medium-high) heat, stirring frequently, until the sauce starts bubbling and gets thicker. Pour the sauce over macaroni and stir a little to let the sauce flow everywhere between the macaronis. Sprinkle with bread crumbs or melting cheese if you want to. Bake about 30 minutes in 200 Celsius Degrees.