Flour Friday: Pizza

This cheesy goodness is completely vegan!

My favourite hobby in autumn is picking mushrooms, so we often eat forest mushroom. But if forest mushrooms aren’t available, you can substitute them with any mushrooms you can get. You can also use oat milk or any other plant based milk instead of soy milk, but in that case you may need to add a little more flour.


Mushroom Pizza

2,5 dl water
12 g (1/4 package) yeast
1 tsp sugar
pinch of salt
1-2 dl rolled oats
5-6 dl wheat flour
1-2 tbsp oil

ketchup or mixture of ketchup and tomato puree
2 l chopped forest mushrooms (we had a combination of chanterelles and porchini)
1 tbsp oil
fresh basil and oregano

cheese sauce:
4 dl soy milk
4 tbsp flour
3 tbsp nutritional yeast
0,5 dl oil
1,5 tbsp ketchup
0,5 tsp paprika
0,5 tsp garlic powder
salt, pepper

Combine water, yeast, sugar and salt and stir until everything is dissolved in water. Stir in oats and knead a dough with a wheat flour, you may need little less or more. Add oil in the end of the kneading. Cover with a towel and allow to rise until doubled in size. Punch down and roll into rectangle size of a baking sheet, or make 2 round pizzas. Cover again with towel and allow to rise while you prepare the toppings.

Sauté the mushrooms on a pan until the water comes out of them. Discard the water or continue sautéing until it’s evaporated. Add oil and fry few minutes.

Whisk all the sauce ingredients together in a saucepan. Heat on medium (medium-high) heat, stirring frequently, until the sauce starts bubbling and gets thicker.

Spread a thin layer of ketchup on pizza dough, and spread the mushrooms next. Sprinkle herbs on top of the mushrooms. Pour cheese sauce all over the pizza and bake 20 minutes (or until it looks ready) in 225 Celsius degrees. Allow to cool a little before cutting.