Polish Cucumber Salad

You can find quite many different cucumber salads around the world. Raita in India, tzatziki in Greece, vinegar cucumbers in Finland… And mizeria in Poland. Mizeria is usually made with cucumbers and sour cream, bur our vegan version is made with soy yogurt. By the way, this is awesome and really refreshing!



1,5-2 dl soy yogurt
1 green house cucumber or couple of pickling cucumbers
2 tsp white vine vinegar or apple vinegar
1 tsp dried dill or 1 tbsp fresh

Strain the yogurt with a cheese cloth until it gets thicker. Wash (and peel) the cucumber and thinly slice. Put the cucumbers in colander, sprinkle with generous amount of salt and mix well. Let sit for half an hour. Rinse the cucumber and squeeze out excess water. Put the cucumbers in a bowl, add enough drained soy yogurt to barely cover them (the cucumbers shouldn’t be swimming in yogurt). Season with vinegar, pepper and dill. Add salt if needed. Serve as a side salad.



One comment on “Polish Cucumber Salad

  1. Jennifer says:

    LOVING your blog! I’m participating in VeganMoFo as well! Swing by when you can – LOVE world foods and veganizing them! I posted about a Moldovan Dish today, actually!

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