Flat Bread from Iceland

Flatkaka is a panfried rye flat bread from Iceland. They’re tasty, healthy and quick to make. That would make them ideal for breakfast too. I used this recipe. I found dipping the fried breads in water difficult, next time I’ll try brushing them lightly with water.



3,5 dl rye flour
1,5 dl wheat flour
0,5 tsp salt
0,5 tsp baking powder
2,5 dl boiling water

Mix the dry ingredients together. Add the water and mix to form a dough. Divide the dough in six balls. Roll them flat, use wheat flour to prevent the dough sticking to the rolling pin. Poke some holes with fork. If you want to make perfect circles use a plate to cut the edges.

Fry the flat breads on hot dry frying pan, about a minute on both sides. Dip the fried breads in water (or brush them with water) and cover with a towel. Serve with margarine.



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