Danish Sandwiches

Smørrebrød means buttered bread, but these Danish open sandwiches are much more than just bread and butter. Usually the bread is rye bread, but I think other whole grain breads will be fine too, if rye bread isn’t available. On the slice of bread there is a ton of toppings, so you’ll need a fork and knife to eat the sandwich.

Traditional smørrebrød toppings are meat and fish, but vegan versions are easy to make at home too. This list was a great help when we were making our smørrebrøds. The vegetarian kartoffelmad and tomatmad were easy to veganize, just need to use vegan mayo. They were also a bit boring compared to many other recipes, but we did tomatmad anyway. We also used the red cabbage recipe from the Roast Pork with Red Cabbage.

Here’s our  smørrebrøds:




Seitan, red cabbage and a orange wedge.
Lettuce, cucumber, radishes and mushroom salad.
Tomatmad (tomatoes, mayo, chives and basil).


The possibilities with smørrebrøds are endless. How about smoked tofu and bell pepper? Soy cheese, grated carrot and pickles? Or maybe grilled eggplant with tomatoes and onions?



One comment on “Danish Sandwiches

  1. Hmm, I always love to see different toppings for smorrebrod. Specially the seitan looks great!

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