Turkish Restaurant Ani, Helsinki

I went to restaurant Ani with my sisters. It’s not far from Helsinki center and it’s easy to reach by tram. Ani serves Turkish food, and most of the dishes on the menu are far from vegetarian or vegan. The buffet on the other hand was very vegan friendly. And if you tell them you’re veg(etari)an they’ll bring you a small plate of falafel to the table. Prices aren’t high, the buffet was only 9,50 Euros.

The restaurant is quite small and it seemed to be full all the time, but people just kept coming in and somehow the staff managed to find tables for them. We had to wait about a minute to get a table, so don’t go away even if the restaurant looks full.

For starters I chose some cold dishes from the buffet: potato salad, marinated carrots, black eye beans, olives, salad and hot peppers,


As a main course I had rice and tomato sauce, falafel, hummus, pasta salad and pickled vegetables.


There was also beans in tomato sauce, steamed vegetables, marinated garlic cloves, cabbage salad, pickled cucumber etc. I’m sure even a picky eater would find something to eat from the buffet, or from ala carte menu. Ani would also be an excellent choice for a group that includes both vegetarians and omnivores.