Vegan Food in Jyväskylä

I spent two days in Jyväskylä this week. It was a work related trip, so I spent nearly all the time in the Craft Museum of Finland. I had searched the Internet for restaurants that serve vegan food so I could easily find something to eat on the lunch break. It looks like there’s two restaurants that are easy for vegans: Soppabaari and Katriina.

On the first day I went to Soppabaari with two other women. I had been there earlier, and I knew it’s a nice restaurant. The vegan soup of the day was carrot and coconut soup and it was served with bread. My omni coworker had the same soup, and her soup was garnished with cream and mine with fresh herbs. The food was good, and the other ladies were pleased that I took them there.


On the second day I went to vegetarian restaurant Katriina. The restaurant reminded me of a school canteen, but you can’t expect a fancy restaurant with such low prices: soup lunch was only 6 Euros (2,70 for students) and regular lunch was 7 Euros. The soups of the day were pureed carrot and bean soup, lentil and vegetable soup and another pureed soup, which I already forgot and the regular lunch was a rice and bean casserole. The salad selection was rather boring: cabbage salad with few cucumber and radish slices, and peas, corn and mung bean sprouts. Again, like a school canteen. I had the lentil soup, some salad, a slice of rye bread and a bread roll. The bread roll was really good, I think they might make those themselves. And there were also peanuts you could add to your soup or salad. The soup was a bit too salty for my taste, but in general everything was okay.


I think Soppabaari is better than Katriina, but I could go to Katriina again. I think most of the customers were students, and I can understand why it’s popular among students.


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