Leftovers from the 1920’s in a pan

Here’s another take of the Finnish and Swedish classic, pyttipannu. We covered our own favourite version in last year’s MoFo (located here), this is from the 1920’s instead. Works quite well also with the oat sausage we posted about couple of days ago. If you use any other mushrooms than milk caps (like we actually did), you can skip the part about boiling and draining the mushrooms.

Fried mushrooms

0,5l cleaned mushrooms
water, salt

2 tbsp oil
half of an onion
1l boiled potatoes
2 tbsp dry breadcrumbs

Cleaned mushrooms are brought to boil in salted water, poured into a sieve and cut to smaller pieces. Insert oil and mushrooms into a pan, let simmer for a while and add minced onion. Potatoes are peeled and cut to mouth-size chunks and fried with mushrooms. Add dry breadcrumbs and salt.


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