Peas, man

Everyone should love peas. Seriously. They’re healthy, they’re very cheap and very versatile. Here’s one take on pea patties from our old cookbook. You can optionally serve them also with brussel sprouts, like we did.

Pea patties with creamy onion sauce

4dl dried green peas
1l water
1 tsp liquid smoke
1,5dl dry breadcrumbs
1,5dl oat or soy milk
0,5dl wheat flour
2 tbsp oil
onion half, chopped and fried until golden
1 tbsp salt
oil for frying

one onion

Rinsed peas are coocked soft and crushed with the liquid smoke. Combine with breadcrumbs, milk, wheat flour, fried onion half and salt. Make patties and fry them in oil. The mentioned one whole onion is sliced and fried in the same oil, and can be placed on top of the patties for a decorative effect . The patties are served with boiled potatoes and the following sauce:

2 tbsp vegan margarine
2 onions
2 tbsp wheat flour
0,75 dl oat cream
2-4dl vegetable broth

Fry chopped onions in margarine until golden with the wheat flour. Add cream and enough broth to get desired thicknes and let simmer for a while. Add salt for taste.


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