Okay, we’re breaking our promise a bit here. This is not from the pages of Kokbok. Apparently my great grand aunt saw this recipe in some magazine and cut it out for later use. Having tasted the bread, I can totally understand why. It’s awesome. The original recipe calls for lactic acid and malt extract, which we omitted. Malt extract is just malt and water anyway, so we just used real malts instead.

Strong healthbread

1dl crushed rye
1,5 dl rye flour
0,5 dl malts
3 dl boiling water

1 tbsp ground aniseeds
3 dl lukewarm water
50 g yeast
1 tsp salt
0,5 dl molasses
3 dl rye flour
about 8 dl wheat flour

Pour boiling water over crushed rye, 0,5dl malts and 1,5 dl rye flour in a bowl.  Let sit for 12 hours. Dissolve yeast in lukewarm water and pour the mixture into the bowl. Add aniseeds, salt, molasses, rye flour and  wheat flour into the bowl. Knead the dough and let rise for 45 minutes. Remove dough from the bowl and make two breads. Let rise for 40 minutes under a blanket. Brush the breads with water and top with some crushed rye. Bake in 175C degrees for 75 minutes.


One comment on “Healthbread

  1. coldandsleepy2 says:

    You know, I didn’t expect something called “healthbread” to look and sound so good… But I think that bread looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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