The Holidays

We spent couple of days visiting relatives and eating. We do love traditional Finnish holiday food, but eating it four days in a row is more than enough. So kidney bean enchiladas for dinner today was a great idea.

Seeing relatives we haven’t seen for a long time was very nice, and we gave and received some presents too. Some of the gifts we got were cooking related. We got a cast iron pot that can be used both on stove and in oven. I think it’ll be very handy. We also got a cat shaped serving bowl (designed by Ylva Olsson) and two cookbooks.

Härkäpapua sarvista is filled with ecological vegan recipes that use ingredients that grow up here in Northern Europe. I’ve already found some interesting recipes: sauerkraut croissants, mushroom roll and hemp and carrot patties sound delicious and I’ll try the recipes in near future. The other book (Jere Nieminen’s Vegaanin kotiruokakirja) concentrates on fake meats, tofu and burgers. I believe the recipes would also please omnivores. I had borrowed a copy of it from local library and have tried  couple of recipes, which were great. Both books are available only in Finnish.

Did you have nice holidays?


One comment on “The Holidays

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