Soup in Jyväskylä

A month ago me and my three coworkers went to Jyväskylä to the Birthday of Finnish national costume. Of course we had to eat something during the day and we found a soup restaurant called Soppabaari (Soup Bar).

Soppabaari is a small and cosy restaurant. It serves soups, pastas, drinks and some tapas style foods. The soup and pasta menu changes daily.

That day they had 5 dishes to choose from, and four of them contained animals or dairy. I asked if the Mexican Vegetable Soup was vegan, and luckily it was. Later I read from their webpage that they always have a vegan option on the menu, and you can also get gluten free pasta if you call them at least half an hour earlier.

The soup was thick and spicy. It was served with bread and some nachos, fresh basil and sesame seeds.

Usually vegetarian soups in restaurants tend to be pureed carrot, cauliflower or other vegetable soups, which do taste good, but soon you’ll be hungry again. They also often contain cream or cheese. This one had beans in it, no dairy products and it was very filling.

I liked both food and the atmosphere very much. If I go to Jyväskylä again, I’d like eat in Soppabaari.


One comment on “Soup in Jyväskylä

  1. […] the first day I went to Soppabaari with two other women. I had been there earlier, and I knew it’s a nice restaurant. The vegan soup of the day was carrot and coconut soup and […]

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