Vinegar Cucumbers

Yesterday I mentioned that we had Vinegar cucumbers with carrot crepes. Many people use pickling cucumbers to make them, but I’ve learnt to use greenhouse cucumber, because that’s what my mum used.

Vinegar Cucumbers

½ greenhouse cucumber
2 dl water
pinch of sugar, salt and pepper
distilled vinegar to taste
dill (optional)

Slice the cucumber. Pour the water into a bowl and add salt, sugar and pepper (and dill). Add 1-2 tbsp vinegar, dip a cucumber slice in it and taste if it’s vinegary enough for you. Add more vinegar until it’s good. I usually don’t measure, but I like about 4-5 tbsp. Add the cucumbers to the bowl and refrigerate until your dinner is ready, or at least 10 minutes.

2 comments on “Vinegar Cucumbers

  1. […] made with potatoes, onion and soy sausages. As a side dish we had cucumbers, which were similar to these Vinegar cucumbers, but they were made only with water, salt and […]

  2. […] can find quite many different cucumber salads around the world. Raita in India, tzatziki in Greece, vinegar cucumbers in Finland… And mizeria in Poland. Mizeria is usually made with cucumbers and sour cream, bur […]

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