Berries For Dessert

Many fruits can’t be grow in Finland, but instead we have a lot of berries. Raspberries, currants, cranberries, bilberries, lingonberries etc. Couple of weeks ago I found out that what I had called blueberry is in fact bilberry in English. So if I’ve written anything about blueberries earlier I’ve meant bilberries. From now on I promise to use correct names.

Kissel (kiisseli in Finnish) is a common dessert made of juice and fruits or berries, especially bilberries are popular. Kissel can be served with whipped cream, but usually it’s eaten plain. There are also other kissel variations that are made of rhubarb or milk. Thinner kissel is called soup and it can also be made only from juice. Berry soups are often served with porridge, and some people like to drink them. I made bilberry and red currant soup today (2 dl red currants, 4 dl bilberries) and I like it much more than regular bilberry soup/kissel. Bilberried and raspberries is a great combination too.


1 l juice (from concentrate)
1 (or 2) dl sugar
5-6 tbsp potato flour (for kissel)
OR 2-3 tbsp potato flour (for soup)
6-7 dl fresh or frozen berries or diced fruits

Put the berries into a bowl. Mix all the other ingredients in a pot and heat constantly stirring. When you see the first bubble, pour the juice mixture on the berries. Sprinkle a little sugar to prevent the surface forming a skin. Allow to cool and serve.


3 comments on “Berries For Dessert

  1. […] but I wouldn’t say either of them is better than the other. Rice porridge can be served with berry soup, but I prefer mine with sugar and […]

  2. Emily says:

    Beautiful photo! I have no idea what a bilberry tastes like, but I would very much like to try one. Someday….

    • nomad says:

      Until a short while ago, I thought bilberry and blueberry are the same. Apparently they are not, yet I’d dare to guess their taste is very similar.

      The nutritional value seems quite similar as well, with bilberry being a bit more richer in potassium and phosphorus, and significantly richer in calcium.

      I hope you’ll be able to come across them some day, as it is a real superfood!

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