Beet Patties

In the 19th century a Swedish person called Lindström came up with beef and beet patties called Biff (beef) á la Lindström. But nobody knows for sure who the Lindström actually was, it might have been Henrik Lindsröm, Maria Kristina Lindsröm or someone else with the same name. Anyway, these patties are very well known in Finland too (we call them Lindström’s Patties here) and I think they can be considered as part of Finnish cuisine nowadays.

I veganized Biff á la Lindström years ago without even realising it. I had made patties using kidney beans and beets many times and once I made them when my sister was visiting us. I hadn’t even thought beans and beets might be like any meat dish until she said my patties tasted like Biff á la Lindström. I think she was right, since the taste of beets dominates both original beef patties and my bean patties.

Our dinner yesterday: Beans á la Lindström, Sweetened Potato Casserole and salad.

Beans á la Lindström

4 dl cooked kidney beans or brown beans (or 1 can)
2 beets
1 onion
3 tbsp chopped pickles (½-1 pickle) (optional)
0,5 dl wheat flour
2 tbsp potato flour
1 tsp marjoram
0,5 tsp thyme
oil for frying

You can boil the beets first, but it’s not required. Boiling makes them softer and easier to grate. They don’t have to be boiled completely soft, 15-20 minutes is enough, but of course they can be soft too (like if you boil more of them and use part of them for batties and part for beet salad or something). Mash the beans in a bowl until there’s no whole beans left. Or use a blender if you like smoother consistence. Chop the onion and pickles and finely grate the beets. Mix everything together and form round patties with your hands. Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry patties on both sides on medium heat until browned.


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