The Hated Soup

All the kids hate it. Most of the adults hate it. Evil mothers make their poor children eat it. Not really, but Summer soup has that kind of reputation. Anyway it’s true that many people don’t like it and Summer Soup can be one reason why omnis think vegetarian food tastes bad. I, on the other hand, have always liked it, even as a child.

Summer Soup

5 dl water
2 carrots
5 small potatoes
½ cauliflower
2-3 dl peas, snow peas and/or green beans
fresh or dried dill and parsley (and chives)
5 dl soy or oat milk
1 tbsp flour (optional)
1 tbsp margarine

Bring the water to boil. Meanwhile peel and slice the carrots and peel and cube the potatoes. Add them to the boiling water. Break the cauliflower into small florets and add to the pot. Cut the snow peas and/or green beans about 2 cm long pieces and add them to the pot too. Simmer until the vegetables start to get soft.

If you use flour: Add 4 dl milk to the pot and bring back to boil. Mix the flour with remaining 1 dl milk and pour it to the pot constantly stirring. Add rest of the ingredients and simmer about 5 minutes. If you’re not using the flour you can just add all remaining ingredients to the pot, bring to boil and simmer several minutes.


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