Our First Pop-up Restaurant

Our sandwich shop last Sunday was a success.We had three kind of sandwiches (lentil patty inside a whole wheat bun, smoked tofu in rye bread and chickpea spread on wheat bread) and also our omnivorous customers liked our vegan sandwiches. Many people had a sandwich and a cup of coffee and after eating it they bought another to take home with them.

Estimating the amount of food was hard.  We don’t live in a very big city and here people easily just stay home instead of going out, especially on Sundays. We had made 45 sandwiches and served also coffee, tea and juice and we had thought that would be enough for maybe 3 hours. But we were wrong, we opened our shop at 15.00 and around 16.15 we were out of sandwiches. We kept our shop open a little longer, and closed when we ran out of coffee.

Thank you for supporting our restaurant! See you on next Restaurant Day, 19.11.2011. We promise we’ll make more food then.


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