Growing Food at Home

In the summer time it’s easy to grow something to eat at home. You don’t even need a garden, few pots on balcony or windowsill is enough. We have a piece of land in community garden this year too, but we also have edible plants in our home.

We were busy in the spring, so we planted the seeds rather late, but the fist plants are ready to eat. Like the mizuna and rucola in the green box. Behind them in the white box is cilantro, but it has to grow bigger before eating.

Bloody sorrel in the hanging pots is still very tiny. Last year I tried to grow them in a pot on the balcony table, but it didn’t grow well. I think it was too hot for it, so this year I’m trying to grow it in less sunny spot.

Herb pots. From left to right: dill, dill, cress, curry plant, parsley, chocolate mint. I’m not very familiar with curry plant. Anyone have suggestions how to use it?

Lettuce on the lower part of the table. Last year our lettuces suffered from too much direct sunlight, so I planted them in shadowy spot. I hope it’s not too shadowy.

Caigua in front and mint in the huge pot behind them. Caigua pots will be moved soon so they can climb in the net that you can see in the first photo.

Something for the cats too: catnip and grass (barley).


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