German Style Cabbage Soup

We decided to eat soup yesterday without any plans what kind of soup it would be. So we just bought carrots, cabbage and celeriac and thought they’d make a good soup with some sort of protein source, like seitan or beans. Nomad did some research in the Internet and found a German ham and potato soup recipe and we made a vegan version of it.

I made double batch of basic seitan, but used less soy sauce and no vinegar in cooking broth. Then we used the same broth to make the soup. But I think broth from bouillon cubes would be just as good, especially if you have premade seitan or don’t want to make 8 balls.

Red Cabbage Soup with Seitan
serves 8

2,5-3 l vegetable broth + bay leaf + some pepper corns (or use seitan cooking broth)
1 tbsp dried parsley
2 balls basic seitan
3 carrots
6-8 potatoes
about 200g piece of celeriac
1 big onion
half red cabbage head (quarter of a big one)
(salt if needed)

Put the broth (with bay leaf and pepper corns) and parsley into a large pot and bring to boil. Meanwhile cube the seitan, carrots, potatoes and celeriac, chop the onion and cut the cabbage into 5 cm strips. Put everything to the pot and simmer covered 20-30 minutes or until vegetables are soft. Add more water if needed.


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