Four Grains

Oat, rye, wheat and barley is a great combination in a porridge, so why not in a bread?

Four Grain Bread

Four Grain Bread

6 dl water
25g yeast
1 tbsp syrup (or sugar)
0,5 tsp salt
2 dl rolled oats
1,5 dl rye flour
2 dl barley flour
2 dl graham flour
about 8 dl wheat flour
2 tbsp oil

Mix water, yeast, syrup and salt in a bowl and stir until dissolved. Add oats, rye flour, barley flour, graham flour and 4-5dl wheat flour and mix well. Knead a nice and soft dough whit the rest of the wheat flour, add the oil in the end of kneading. Cover with towel and let rise until doubled. Punch down and make three flat breads, about 20cm diameter. Cover again and let rise about 15 minutes. Dip a round cookie cutter or narrow drinking glass in flour and use it to make a hole in the middle of the each bread. Bake in 225 degrees until browned (I didn’t look at the clock, but I think it takes 15-20 minutes).


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