Plums and Soy

My grandmother visited us few days ago and brought lots of plums from their garden. We couldn’t eat all of them fresh, so we had to find other ways to use them. I found this chicken recipe and used it as a guideline to cook soy cutlets.


Soy Cutlets with Plums

8 soy cutlets
oil for frying

Cooking broth

7,5 dl water
1 vegetable bouillon cube
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp apple wine vinegar
1 bay leaf

Plum sauce

1 onion
1 garlic clove
0,5 tsp dry ginger
1 small mild chili, deseeded
8 plums
1 dl soy cutlet cooking broth
1 tbsp apple wine vinegar
1 tsp sugar
0,5 tsp ground black pepper

Bring the water to boil and add all the broth ingredients. Cook soy cutlets in the broth for 15 minutes, remove from stove and let the absorb flavours for half an hour or longer. Drain the cutlets (save the broth!) and squeeze them a little, so they’re not soaking wet. Heat couple of tablespoons oil in a frying pan and fry the cutlets from both sides until they are golden brown and put them on a plate.

Cut the onion to thin slices or half moons. Cut the plums half, deseed and slice. Mince the garlic and chili. Add more oil to the pan if necessary. Sauté the onion for couple of minutes, add garlic, ginger and chili and sauté a minute or less. Add rest of the ingredients and fried soy cutlets. Cook on low heat for 20 minutes or so, add more broth if needed.

I served these cutlets with mashed potatoes. I also made a quick side dish by sautéeing 1 shallot, 1 bell pepper and 0,5 l kohlrabi leaves and seasoning it with herb salt and lemon juice.


2 comments on “Plums and Soy

  1. Susan says:

    This looks great – I love plum sauce! I cannot wait for plum season to hit – not long now!

  2. Über yum. Plum sauce YEAH! What an awesome recipe.

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